Our Activities/Nuestras Actividades


Bible study for all ages /Estudio bíblico para todas las edades

2:00 pm


Worship Service/ Culto de adoración

3:00 pm



Visitation/ Visitación

6:00 pm



Prayer mettings / Culto de oración

7:00 pm




6:30 pm







Youth mettings/Culto de Jóvenes

4:30 pm


Worship and Sermon/Culto General

7:00 pm


About El Calvario

The Iglesia El Calvario began in an Experiencing God Bible Study in the winter of 1995.

One of the members of the study group felt led to quit her job and petitioned God as to whether this was His Plan or just wishful thinking. God responded and the class member returned to class to train in ESL. She began classes in households and restaurants with students from many different countries but it soon became apparent that God had planned this. The students began to all come from Hispanic Countries and the classes grew in size with lessons in English and Bible each week. God knew before any of us that there was going to be a huge increase in the Hispanic population in this country and He was preparing a way to reach these people in the city of Seymour, Indiana. The classes grew and the area missionary, Stu Cundiff called and asked if the class would like to begin having Church, the response was a unanimous – yes!

The area missionary put us in touch with Terry Tetro, a Chaplin at Kosairs Childrens’ Hospital in Louisville and he and his wife began ministering here in 1996. Daniel Caseras came as State Hispanic Catalyst and met with our group, he did not believe the people would be drawn to a gringo pastor, but the people loved Terry and his wife and their children as they came along. The first evangelistic service we had 9 people accepted the Lord and were baptized into the church soon after, the year was 1997. Terry left us that year because the stress on his growing family was too much and we were given Joel a young man from Mexico to serve as our new pastor, he was very young and inexperienced and soon became homesick and left us for his home. Soon after our area missionary contacted us with the name of a pastor from California who said he was being led in this direction. The church prayed even harder that this would be the right pastor for our young church. His name was Gustavo Vasquez and he began his ministry at El Calvario in November of 1998.  He has been a real blessing to the church and city of Seymour, Indiana for the past  13 years.

I, Gustavo Vasquez, came to be the full time pastor of El Calvario in the year 2001 since than it has been a privilege to serve our Lord.

Ministry with emigrants it not steady numerically but steady for the Kingdom of God.  The people keep moving all time and they are spreading the good news.  At the moment we have 50 adults and 30 children! We are a congregation of active members.

Our church has not been keeping good record as how many people has accepted the Lord; but I would say  and I can not assure this  but I would think  that at least 400 people and about  50 baptisms.