Bible Study Fellowship

to have a satellite class at Calvary Baptist Church.

Years ago, a group of Calvary ladies prayed for a BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP class in Seymour. The timing wasn’t right then, BUT NOW…as we will have the 1st ever Revelation study beginning in September, 2015, we plan to have a satellite ladies discussion group at Calvary on Tuesday evenings!! BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP is an in-depth interdenominational Bible study that helps people know God and equip them to serve the church throughout the world. The aim is to produce a vibrant relationship with God in all participants.

So, why do we want to teach REVELATION? To proclaim the glory and supremacy of Jesus Christ. To teach the whole counsel of God, recognizing the importance of the consummation of God’s plan fully now. To increase urgency of people to study the Bible and share the Gospel. What do we want everyone to know? The message of REVELATION (and the Bible) is “God is in control, and He wins!!” REVELATION was written primarily to comfort and encourage believers to remain faithful to Jesus Christ. The book of REVELATION is more about Jesus than about events, symbols, and timelines. Our classes and materials will present perspectives about the end times in a balanced, gracious way. Anyone may look at the website-BSF Home-BSF International

Registration needs to be done in April by calling Eileen Murphy at 812-522-4079.